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Dive Source have a team of trained client representatives ready to help ensure safe and efficient subsea operations for a variety of subsea projects such as onshore and diving, lRM, Construction & Decommissioning projects. The client representative will ensure operations are carried out safely and effectively to ensure that all legal requirements are met. All our client representatives are experienced in their field and trained to the required subs ea industry standard, as well as having received further in house training, ensuring a vast knowledge base of subs ea operations as well as experience to carry out their duties both safely and diligently to ensure the client's satisfaction. We can offer a managed service for the provision of offshore Client Representatives providing an industry leading competence assessment, development and management framework in support of safe and effective execution of offshore scopes. Particular attention is taken to ensure that persons with the appropriate skills are selected for your specific projects.






Under OGP 431 the Diving Worksite Representative shall:
•    Acts as ‘eyes & ears’ for the client with regard to offshore operations and ensuring that work procedures and management of change are followed
•    Ensures that health & safety issues are kept foremost
•    Monitors competence issues with team performing work at site
•    Ensures compliance with local & international regulations
•    Monitors the safety & efficiency of operations
•    Reports  on  the  work  done,  lessons  learned,  any  useful  pointers  and  recommended  improvements for future operations